Thursday, 26 April 2012

Liberal Arts ★★★★☆

Liberal Arts (2012) is the sophomore directorial effort by Josh Radnor (most commonly known to UK audiences for his role in TV's How I Met Your Mother), a witty and incredibly sweet independent comedy that stars Radnor himself amongst a stellar cast which includes Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jenkins and Zac Efron.

Jesse (Radnor) is a thirty-something "over articulate man boy who never grew up", who's found himself tied down to an uninspiring job in university admissions after majoring in English whilst minoring in History - a combination which he himself confesses has made him entirely unemployable. Shortly after his girlfriend dumps him, Jesse receives a call from an old college professor (Jenkins) who invites him back to his former university in order to give a speech. Jesse spends his time back at school reminiscing of a time when he was free to enjoy literature and converse with like-minded individuals. However, it's the introduction of Zibby (Olsen), a wide-eyed and innocent 19-year-old whose infectious optimism has yet to be deflated by the 'real world' which really makes an impression in Jesse's life.


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