Thursday, 12 April 2012

Interview: Eugene Green (The Portuguese Nun)

This week saw the release of Eugène Green's The Portuguese Nun (2009) (review here) - a fascinating, yet highly unconventional existential journey through Lisbon following an actress as she deals with issues of loneliness, love and divine will. CineVue were lucky enough to catch up for an interview with Green, a director with a clear and distinctive style, to talk to him about the film.

Patrick Gamble: The Portuguese Nun is a film with a myriad of different themes, how would you describe the film to someone who hasn't seen it and what would you say was your primarily focus when creating The Portuguese Nun?

Eugène Green: As you observe, it is a tapestry of interweaving themes. To describe it very briefly, it is about a young actress who, during a brief stay in Lisbon, discovers, through the mysteries of that city, certain things about the relationship between human and spiritual love, art and nature, myth and reality, leading to an epiphany which gives a meaning to her life.


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