Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Gospel of Us ★★★☆☆

Michael Sheen stars in director David McKean's The Gospel of Us (2012) - a big screen adaptation of the groundbreaking National Theatre of Wales performance arts play The Passion which took place last Easter in Port Talbot. Consisting of a weekend long staged contemporary re-imagining of the last day's of Christ, the play also starred Sheen amongst 1000s of locally sourced extras and acted as a celebration of Port Talbot's close knit community and the resilience of this once prosperous Welsh town.

Distorting the original biblical text to relate to a modern day audience, Sheen plays The Teacher - a softly spoken individual whose disappearance for forty days has left him with no recollection of the town he used to call home. He returns during the Easter celebrations on Port Talbot beach where a suicide bomber has captured the crowds attention by staging a protest against the external influence of the I.C.U - a company masking their ambitions to drain the town of its resources through false charity and financial temptation.

The Teacher manages to prevent the terrorist from detonating his bomb and in doing so attracts copious followers who now see him as a focus point for the resistance. His presence is clearly a threat to the I.C.U who perceive him as a dangerous commodity and soon find a way to use him as an example of their tyrannical control over this small town.


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