Saturday, 28 April 2012

Filly Brown ★★☆☆☆

From directors Yousser Delara and Michael D. Olmos comes Filly Brown (2012), a fictional tale of a promising Latino rapper trying to make it big in LA despite numerous domestic and professional obstacles. Starring Gina Rodriguez, Chrissie Fit and Lou 'Diamond' Phillips, this hip hop-infused drama sadly struggles to find its voice amongst its myriad of ill-advised sub-plots.

Majo 'Filly Brown' Tonorio (Rodrigues) is a sharp tongued street poet who's reluctantly found herself the matriarchal figure of her close knit family after her mother's incarceration for drug possession. Her mother has alerted her to the possibility of a re-trial, however with money scarce within the family Majo isn't sure how to raise the funds to finance these legal proceedings.

She gets her first big shot whilst appearing on an internet radio station where her lyrical dexterity attracts the attention of a local promoter who offers her the opportunity to make the money she needs to help out her mother - however, her politically loaded prose is an issue, with this small time hustler insistent that she 'sexes up' her act if she's to "make it big". Majo is suddenly faced with some serious decisions - torn between her passion for honest and evocative music and her mother's precarious situation.


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