Thursday, 19 April 2012

Breathing ★★★★☆

Austrian actor Karl Markovics (best known to UK audiences for his starring role in 2007 Academy Award winner The Counterfeiters) has stepped behind the camera to make his debut feature film Breathing (Atmen, 2011), and in the process has created one of this year's most heartfelt and moving films.

Roman Kogler (Thomas Schubert) is a nineteen year old boy who's spent the last five years in a juvenile detention centre. He'll soon be up for parole but will only attain his freedom if he can prove himself in the outside world by successfully holding down a job - a task that's impeded by Roman's powerful sense of guilt which, coupled with the devastating effects evoked by his mother's abandonment, leaves him struggling to reintegrate into society. However, a job opportunity working in a morgue slowly begins to help Roman find his way back towards the real world - that is until he's confronted with the body of a woman who bares the same surname as him, leading this wayward adolescent on an emotional journey to find his mother whilst simultaneously allowing him to truly understand his guilt.


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