Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mark Kermode Interview

"We’re all fighting a rear guard action against the homogenisation of massive, stupid, Hollywood blockbusters"

Out­spo­ken movie con­nois­seur Mark Ker­mode is per­haps the most well-known film critic cur­rently work­ing in the UK. This month sees the release of his sec­ond book, The Good, The Bad And The Mul­ti­plex, in which Mark spends a great deal of time dis­cussing one of his biggest gripes about the West­ern film mar­ket – our seem­ingly insa­tiable need to remake every suc­cess­ful for­eign lan­guage film released.

subtitledonline.com caught up with Mark to dis­cuss his views on the cur­rent cli­mate of the UK film indus­try, espe­cially the for­eign lan­guage film mar­ket…

Read the full interview here....

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