Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Julia's Eyes ★★★☆☆

Cowardly boys, letting a lady go first.....

The most terrifying and effective psychological horrors don’t rely on shocking scenes of gratuitous violence to traumatise their viewers but rather more subtle techniques to get under their skin. Take films such as The Exorcist or Eyes Without a Face, both genuinely frightening but through a powerful reliance on ambience and mood rather than blood and guts. Mixing a bleak and dissonant score with a collection of dark and claustrophobic framed shots can create an atmosphere of foreboding doom, cultivating in a level of heightened fear in the auditorium that becomes almost palpable. Indeed it’s often what you don’t see that’s the scariest, leaving your imagination to conjure up your greatest fears and constructing something far more horrific and personal than any film director could possibly conceive.  With this in mind surely a Guillermo Del Toro produced thriller with a focal character who suffers from a degenerative eye disorder (gradually rendering her blind as the movie progresses) must have all the ingredients needed to freak-out even the most hardened fans of the genre?


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