Friday, 30 September 2011

Broken Lines ★★☆☆☆

"a Kitchen sink drama that’s sadly as dull as dishwater"

Immersed deep within the multicultural surroundings of North London’s Finsbury Park, this intrinsically British drama attempts to evoke the gritty realism that has become a staple of our modern national cinema.

When the death of his father demands he returns to his childhood roots, Jake (Dan Fredenburgh) is reminded of his Jewish heritage and finally must confront the demons he ran away from so many years ago. Jake’s soon to be wed to Zoe (Olivia Williams), a caring and supportive fiancée but his recent family tragedy has started to reveal the cracks of their seemingly perfect relationship. Jake’s midlife crisis becomes the catalyst for a lurid affair with B (Doraly Rosa) a disenfranchised waitress working in a working men’s cafe round the corner from his father’s old shop. B however, has her own domestic troubles, with her life little more than a mundane series of events, consisting of nothing more than her humdrum job and caring for her recently paralysed husband Chester (Paul Bettany), a former boxer who now relies on her support but who finds it difficult to accept his dependency. All four characters are thrust unwillingly into a downward spiral of deceit and betrayal with little chance of salvation for anyone involved.


Instant Reaction: 2/5
Retrospective Score: 2.5/5
Total:  4.5/10

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