Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Studio Ghibli Top Ten

With the impending release of Arriety later this month, we here at Flickfeast are taking a little time out to celebrate the work of this much cherished studio.  Each new Ghibli release is shrouded by a mist of childlike excitement and a palpable level of anticipation from both young and old alike. Yet, unlike all those dissatisfying Christmas’s of your childhood, these enchanting films very rarely manage to disappoint.

Lazily described by many as the Disney of Japan, Ghibli films can now be found in almost any entertainment store on the high street and are readily available online.  Spirited Away undoubtedly forced Ghibli into the consciousness of a wider audience, but heralding it as a ‘breakthrough hit’ would be a disservice to both this wonderfully magical film and the studio which created it. Indeed, Ghibli has a dedicated following who have been enjoying their enthrallingly immersive output throughout the 26 years the studio has been running. Fingers crossed then that the imminent retirement of Hayao Miyazaki doesn’t stifle the studios creativity and we can continue to bask in the delightful world of Ghibli for many years to come.

See the top ten here

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