Monday, 25 July 2011

Ophelia Lovibond Interview

London’s Empire Cinema in Leicester Square was transformed into a glacial grotto of childhood fantasy for the Gala Screening of Jim Carrey’s new family friendly film Mr Popper’s Penguins. Amongst the bountiful buffet of sweet treats and stuffed penguins toys, there were numerous celebrities all here to join in with the merriment. Unfortunately the child friendly kick off time of 10am resulted in a rather lowly collection of ‘famous’ guests but Flickfeast readers will be happy to learn that Asher D, once of so-solid crew can pull of a mean penguin impression, whilst hard man, slash ice skating dancer Donal McIntyre revealed he has a softer side, something his gritty documentaries may lead us to believe otherwise, and TV chef Aldo Zilli (no? Me neither) is taking up a healthier lifestyle and leaning towards vegetarianism, conveniently coinciding with the imminent release of his new vegetarian cookbook. Indeed it wasn’t the star studied feast of guests normally associated with such gala events but  in attendance there was one of the film’s stars, the stunningly beautiful Ophelia Lovibond. The only cast member to make the early morning screening, Lovibond was pleasant enough to spare a little time to answer some questions for us, before quickly being whisked away moments before the film began.

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