Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sky Movies Go Special Screening of 'The Ring' (FlickFeast Feature)

"perhaps a well thought out metaphor for the impending death of terrestrial television "
Whilst most self respecting Londoners were spending their Friday night slumped over a bar, or staggering across The Strand in search of something fried and calorie heavy to satisfy their alcohol fuelled appetite, there was something rather bizarre occurring beneath the hectic evening streets of London.

Deep within the impressive catacombs of the RSA Vaults, Sky Movies were promoting their latest venture into digital media – Sky Movies Go. For those who have escaped the heavy handed marketing of the UK’s largest satellite television provider, Sky Movies Go basically equates to Sky subscribers being able to watch their favourite shows on the go through their web enabled, portable devices (IPads and similarly unnecessary but hugely desirable tablets). To mark the occasion and coincide with the impending Halloween festivities, there was a special screening of Gore Verbinsky’s The Ring (sadly not the Nakata original). The film was screening on Sky Movies at midnight, with audience members at the vaults being plugged into IPads and collectively sharing the same viewing experience – streaming the movie simultaneously whilst listening through headphones.


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