Saturday, 26 November 2011

Horrible Bosses ★★☆☆☆

"it’s ultimately a stupid, childish and completely forgettable film which entertains only mildly more than its irritates"
Boasting a cast of American sitcom luminaries such as; Jason Bateman (Arrested Development), Jenifer Aniston (Friends) and Jason Sudeikis (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live), Seth Gordon’s Horrible Bosses is yet another Hollywood foray into the realms of frat-comedy.

Nick (Bateman) is a financial trader who’s playing the long game. He’s spent his working life taking crap in order to slowly rise up the ranks, however, his life has become a miserable and degrading one, with the constant mockery of his vicious and manipulative boss, Mr Harken (Kevin Spacey), beginning to take its toll. Nick reaches boiling point when the promotion he was assured would be his falls through, with Harken enveloping the role and its lucrative salary.

Nick’s long time friends, Kurt (Sudeikis) and Dale (Charlie Day) are also in similar predicaments. Kurt enjoyes an almost father-son relationship with his mentor and boss (Jack Pellit, played by Donald Sutherland) but when he suddenly dies from an unexpected heart attack, Kurt’s left working for Pellit’s son, a jealous, unbearably crude, cokehead (Colin Farrell) – a thoroughly detestable man with a horrendous comb-over and an unrelenting hunger for Asian prostitutes. Dale completes this disenfranchised trio, yet somehow his friends fail to see the problem behind his work issues. He’s a dental assistant plagued by the sexual advances of his dirty talking, nymphomaniac boss Dr Harris (Aniston), who seems intent on sullying his relationship with his fiancé.

Due to the current financial crisis they feel trapped within their jobs, with the only feasible escape route apparently the murder of their respective bosses. None of this naive troupe have any experience in this field, so decide to hunt down a hitman. Their trip across to the other side of the tracks leads them to a rather hapless ‘murder consultant’ (Jamie Foxx) who decides their best course of action would be to adopt a Strangers on a Train approach and kill each other’s bosses. However, things don’t go according to plan and a series of botched surveillance operations lead the film’s ill-fated protagonists into a spiraling web of criminal activity

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