Friday, 9 December 2011

Puss in Boots ★★★★☆

" Puss in Boots will undoubtedly find a place in the heart of any cat lover. "

When word first broke about the forthcoming release of Puss in Boots the news was met with much trepidation but very little surprise. Dreamworks had already proved they were prepared to milk the Shrek franchise for every last dime, with two sequels (each displaying a decrease in quality and invention) and multiple Christmas spin offs. It would be fair to say then that expectation for this latest venture into the fairytale inspired world of Shrek was low at best. However, through the combination of a superbly well written script and some fantastic animation, Puss in Boots is much more than a money grabbing extension of the Shrek universe but rather a wonderfully conceived family movie which deserves to be judged on its own merits


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