Wednesday, 26 October 2011

We Have a Pope ★★★☆☆

"...a hugely enjoyable experience that’s sadly let down by a rather lacklustre and uninspiring ending..."

We Have a Pope is Nanni Moretti’s follow up to The Cayman – his cinematic attack on Berlusconi. Whilst a deeply satirical examination of the Catholic Church, We Have a Pope is also a warm and gentle comedy about human frailty and the misguided attempts we make to alter our own fate.

A new Pope is to be elected and hordes of devout believers have flocked to the Vatican, waiting in anticipation to see the smoke from the chimney of the concave turn from black to white. Inside we join the selected few who have been chosen as potential candidates. Each seems anxious over the impending vote, however, it’s not due to an inherent desire to be chosen but rather the fear that they might be. The responsibility of leading well over a billion followers has each of them petrified, a sentiment echoed by Moretti’s decision to allow us to pry into their prayers, where a cavalcade of apprehensive voices plead not to be chosen.


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