Friday, 19 August 2011

Troll Hunter ★★★★☆

This filmed screened as part of Empire Big Screen.

Choosing to take the well trodden ‘found footage’ path that, over the last decade has slowly created itself as a recognized sub category of both the horror and thriller genres, Troll Hunter is difficult not to describe as a more farcical Blair Witch Project or adrenaline force fed Catfish. Indeed there’s a plethora of shaky camera shots as our protagonists run in fear, supplemented with generic close ups of scared faces that at first make you feel like you’re observing a carbon copy of these cheaply made shock pieces. However, the instant we’re thrust into the depths of Troll Hunter‘s gloriously exhilarating interpretation of the Norwegian wilderness and its world of ancient mythology, it becomes instantly clear that this lazy journalistic stereotyping would be a total disservice to what is a uniquely creative, tongue in cheek piece of lovingly assured film making.

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