Thursday, 23 February 2012

Berlinale 2012 Round Up

This year's 62nd Berlinale (like most film festivals) was a bit of a mixed bag, containing some exceptional examples of provocative world cinema and, as to be expected, numerous film's which failed to entertain in the slightest - some far too pretentious, others just downright poor.
Of the many highlights, three films stood out from the festival's competition strand (sadly, Paolo & Vittorio Taviani's Golden Bear-winning Caesar Must Die - which apparently isn't a swiftly made sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes - screened before our own coverage began). The most astounding was Miguel Gomes' Tabu, an enthralling piece of nostalgic cinema which, unlike The Artist, that won audience's hearts with its playful love letter to the silent era, created something genuinely original and thought provoking with its use of 1930s filmmaking techniques.


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